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Total Arm Workout Fitness System

  • $ 2999
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This Work Out System helps you get rid of those flabby problem areas under your arms by utilising the resistance of rubber in the form of special, elastic sports bands in increasing degrees of resistance. The clever design allows you to isolate the specific areas you need to tone without putting unnecessary strain on other areas of your body like elbows, back and wrists, in the way that push-ups and even some arm curls can.


Size:64 x 45 x 54CM

1. Exercising your arm muscles, Fast! Fun! Easy!
2. You'll instantly feel your muscles toning and tightening as you burn calories without joint strain.
3. 3 interchangeable resistance bands,perfect for all fitness levels.
4. Breakthrough fitness sensation that helps you get rid of that flabby problem area under your arms.

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