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Hourglass Bluetooth Speaker

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Our  Crystal Hourglass Sand Bluetooth speaker is very delicate and beautiful. The premium glass material and natural sea sands make it be a high quality sand timer. We package it with a delicate gift box so that you can give it directly to others as a present, such as kids, your friends or families. It is suitable not only for timer games but also for timing cooking. With its delicate design, the product is a great decoration for mantel, office desk, coffee table, book shelf, curio cabinet or table.

There are 5 Mode for this device: Bluetooth Mode, Radio Mode, Line-in Mode, Music Mode, hands-free Mode.

1.    Output Power : 5W
2.    Vision: V4.2
3.    Wireless distance: 15metres
4.    SNR: >80dB
5.    Rated Voltage: DC+3.7v
6.    FM: 87.5MHz~108MHz
7.    Power Supply: Li-ion battery 1100mAH DC+3.7V USB power

1.    To connect another Bluetooth device, you must disconnect current Bluetooth first.
2.    Restart after shutdown, if unable to connect automatically, you need to re-connect manually.

Important Notice:
1. Before use, please carefully read the product manual and the instructions Notes, in order to play the best performance and avoid unnecessary losses.
2. Because there are many U disk / TF card brands on the market, this product is not guaranteed to support all U disk / TF card. Please confirm your U disk / TF card can be purchased at the normal use of the product before.

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