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HD 1080P HDMI Female to VGA Female Adapter with 3.5mm Audio

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    Small in size, low power consumtion,only need 5V less than 140mA
    No need for external power. Power supply from HDMI port
    Energy Star. Low-power standby when VGA is not connected.
    With built-in chipset, it supports full-size active high-definition display, resolution up to 1920x1080.
    Suitable for portable HDMI device (like laptop/mobile phone/DVD/tablet/digital set-top box/player/digital camera/SLR camera etc) and VGA ONLY display device (monitor, projectors, etc)
    3.5mm audio output to connect to external audio devices, like external amplifier or speakers..

    Compact/ HDMI Female to VGA Female and 3.5mm audio output adapter.
    HDMI input:  Type A HDMI Female connector
    VGA output: VGA DB15Pin Female signal output interface.
    Audio output: 3.5mm Audio output interface

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