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Chic metal glass console table

Chic metal glass console table

  • $ 29921

Replace old console table with this contemporary styled metal glass console table. This console table is made metal and mirror glass top. This is a rectangle console table with inverted triangle legs. This console has mirror finish top that enhances the overall look of this console. Place this table in the drawing room adjacent to the wall. This table can be used to keep decorative, magazine, vase etc. This table will be great addition at your home which will not go unnoticed. During get-togethers and parties, use this table to offer sweets and snacks. Not just a table for keeping decorative this table can be used as work desk or study table. This console is easy to clean and maintain as well. It would go well with modern house, restaurant or cafe interior. This console can be part of outdoor setting when planning for outdoor part. This glass table is worth adding to any interior.

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