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Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android IOS - Black

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1.There is no APK for iPhone, so four functions can't sync with for iphone (1. Anti-lost, 2. Messaging, 3. Notifier, 4. Remote Camera), but all other function can use normally .
2. Android Phone can support all function in the description.

Call Function: GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 four frequency conversation, Dial, hands-free, phone records, phone book, Bluetooth phone
SMS: Text messaging on mobile phones Synchronous push by bluetooth.
Entertainment: MP3, MP4, AVI; bluetooth music playing; Phone calls reminding; Ring and vibration remind.
Clock display: 3 ways show display clock, free switch; Click to switch .
Bidirectional: anti-lost, lost remind, Bidirectional search (Only for android phone).
Pedometer: Movement step record.
Sedentary remind: Sedentary remind .
Sleep monitoring: Sleep monitoring.
Taking pictures: Watch take pictures ; memory storage.
Remote control mobile phones: Storage to mobile phones.
Others: Alarm clock, calendar, stopwatch etc.
Bluetooth transfer information (Only for android phone) WeChat, Twitter, Facebook, Timely information etc.

A new communicate style
GT08 is not only a watch,but also a smart communicate device.
It can realize communication while connecting with phone though bluetooth and makes calls independently with sim card.

A new world begin from your wrist
Meticulous design in details to fit users' requirements.With GT08 on the wrist,users can make call,text,and monitor sleep quality easily.

Slep monitor, which can monitor the sleep status to improve sleep quality and make alarm clock function.

Sedentary remind !
70% people suffering of sub-healthy because of sitting too long.Keeping seat 40 minutes is sedentariness,which can damage the healthy.Recently,more and more people get lesion.We should change unsicientific lift style.

HD record
HD WAV format record,denoiser processing,HD long distance record(3 nuclear sound,S level omnibearing linear processing system.)

Supporting 32G T-card flash,GT08 can play music independently.
Connecting with phone though bluetooth,A1 can also play BT music.

Call synchronizing
Call synchronizing,GT08 will remind while the call comes.Users can make calls with the watch.

Never miss any importance call

GT08 will ring or vibrate while 5 meters away from phone.

Independent phone function
While connecting the phone anf watch,GT08 can make cakks,push notifications though bluetooth

Connect Bluetooth Earphone

Steps Counter

Play Music from SD card or sync from smart phone

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