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Bluetooth Car Kit Wireless Handsfree FM Transmitter MP3 Player

  • $ 999
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New TZ800 car Bluetooth hands-free car MP3 player U disk memory card FM transmitter charger 2.1A
product function introduction
1. Can be adjusted at any angle, suitable for all types of vehicles
2. Support Full FM frequency transmitter function
3. Digital display support
4. Support audio LINE input
5. Support disk playback U TF card reader
6. MP3, WMA music format
7. Supports Bluetooth phones, hang off, reject, redialing phone and other functions
8. Support Bluetooth stereo music player
9. Call for echo cancellation and noise suppression (CVC) technology
10. Support USB output voltage, power supply for other devices, maximum output power of 5V / 2.1A
11. Automatic power off function
Product characteristics
1. Adjustable to any angle, and suitable for all types
2. Total frequency FM transmitter
3. Digital Dispaly
4. Support Audio Line Input
5. Support TF card U disk player
6. Support MP3, WMA music format
7. Bluetooth answer, hang up, reject, call redial and otherfuntions.
8. Bluetooth stereo music playback
9. Eco cancellation and noise suppression (CVC) technology during a call

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